Summer 2021

With summer weather right around the corner, we’re all looking forward to spending time on our patio. While comfy chairs and a nice table are the usual key ingredients, making sure you can enjoy your time outside with a minimum of privacy is also an important aspect to plan.

If you have lots of space, you usually have lots of options to play with. But if you’re limited, or only have access to a balcony for instance, making sure your outdoor area offers you enough privacy may become a challenge. There are options out there, but many may feel like you’re in a cage.

Green is the way to go.

Using vegetation to create a visual barrier is a great alternative. Nature always has a way to bring life and texture to your surroundings, and as many studies have shown over the years, a positive and calming effect on your mood.

Great you say, but how long before that bush grows enough to offer that sought-after privacy? Well, let’s be honest. It might take a while, maybe even a few years to have that full lush feeling to it, and that’s if it survives our winters. Instead, consider using expandable trellis made out of faux foliage to create zones in your backyard or isolate yourself a bit on your balcony. Sounds odd? Think again. It’s perfect actually. Instant lifelike vegetation that will add style, but more importantly privacy, to your space. And come winter, you just need to store it. It’ll be as beautiful, and useful, next spring.

No fuss design.

Expandable trellis is, well, expandable. Easy to install, it’ll cover up to 36 x 72 inches. So, no matter the size of your patio, you’ll be able to create a visual barrier to seclude yourself while you relax, all the while adding tasteful design to your scenery. And let’s face it, having something that’s pleasant to the eye without any complicated maintenance or trimming is music to anyone’s ears.

So many beautiful possibilities.

Hiding from prying eyes is certainly the key function of a trellis, but why not use it to add a touch of design elsewhere? Used inside or outside, a trellis will liven up and naturalize your environment. Look around. There are so many possibilities. Those garbage and recycling bins will no longer be a sight for sore eyes once hidden behind a trellis. That boring wall will look so much better if you add a touch of green texture to it. Camouflaging the filter, water heater and all those ugly pipes around your pool will create a much more enjoyable scenery.

All in all, consider trellis made out of faux foliage as a quick, easy solution to plan the privacy of your outdoor area, and a way to add a bit of lifelike nature to your patio.