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Artificial Foliage Panels

Consider Naturae Decor™ lifelike foliage panels a low maintenance strategy to add big curb appeal to your home, restaurant, store, office space and more.

Our foliage panels feature high-density, premium quality faux leaves, perfect to add a luxuriant touch to any décor.

Use them outside to add stylish privacy to an outdoor patio area, veranda or home garden. Place them on interior walls to create a dramatic look, and help reduce echo and noise levels in any sized room. Enhance the look of any project, whatever its size: our panels are flexible, and can be cut and bent to fit countless shapes and surfaces, whether flat or curved.

• The panels and built-in backing grids are manufactured from 100% durable polyethylene (PE), with UV inhibitors to battle premature fading.

  • Easy installation using fasteners or adhesive.
  • Connect several panels using the interlocking pin-and-hole system at the back.