Artificial Landscaping Grass 39″ x 39″


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Complete your home decor with Naturae Decor artificial turf. Because it is so versatile, you can cut and shape the 39 in x 39 turf and install it wherever you like. This extremely natural looking synthetic grass is sure to make your yard attractive and clean. No more mowing or watering. You can also use it as a rug on balconies or patios, in verandas or in any other indoor space. Made of durable materials, it is UV and weather resistant to prevent fading. The two-tone grass blades will stay green for years, giving your lawn that fresh and natural look. Since there is no need to fertilize or spray it, pets and children can safely play on this soft grass that is also non-toxic and lead-free. A reassuring, worry-free solution that everyone can enjoy. Once cut to the desired shape and size, it is easy to install. Simply secure it on any surface using the included self-adhesive tape. The drainage holes ensure water does not pool, and makes cleaning a breeze.


  • UNBELIEVABLY NATURAL LOOKING – Naturae Decor’s artificial turf looks just like real grass. Its perfect two-shade combination of rich green gives it a pristine and natural look all year round.
  • SPRUCE UP YOUR OUTDOOR AREA – Our turf grass can be installed in your backyard, on your balcony or patio, in your veranda or even indoors to brighten up the decor. No mowing or watering required.
  • UV FADE-RESISTANT – Because our artificial turf can withstand the changing seasons, you’ll enjoy a perfect lawn for years to come. It is weather and UV resistant to prevent fading on top of being easy to clean.
  • NON-TOXIC AND LEAD-FREE – Safe for pets and children. And since it doesn’t have to be fertilized or sprayed, you can enjoy artificial turf anytime.
  • EASILY CUSTOMIZABLE – Cut the artificial grass mat to the shape and size you need and install it easily with the included self-adhesive tape. With its drainage holes, it fits any surface and will enhance the look of your home in no time.