• Artificial Turf

    Naturae Decor™ artificial turf means natural-looking grass year-round, without lifting a finger.

    Artificial Turf, Naturae Decor

Enjoy natural-looking grass year-round without lifting a finger: no mowing or watering required. Just that perfect, fresh green scenery any time you look out your window. And because there’s no need to fertilize or spray Naturae Decor™ artificial turf, pets and kids (and you!) get to play safely on a luscious green turf.

• Nontoxic and lead-free.

• Easy to install.

• Available in different formats. Choose yours, and then simply customize the shape and size you need for your project

  • Artificial Turf, Naturae Decor

    Artificial Turf Mat 39in x 39in – GR4040-13F

    $ 49.99

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